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Gateway at Tempe | 5 Tips for Staying Organized!

Feeling like you are always missing something or overwhelmed overall? Being a student can be challenging with deadlines, finals, friends and LIFE. Here are 5 Tips to help you stayed organized and productive.

  1. Write down a plan or to do list. – Write down what needs to be accomplished in order of priorities by importance. There are white boards and chalk boards with monthly calendars or you have even pick up a fun planner to use.
  2. Give everything a place in your apartment. – Make sure that if you buy something new, you know exactly where it will be place in your apartment and then proceed to get rid of one thing that needs to be either given away, recycled or thrown away.
  3. Get rid of what you don’t need. – Speaking of giving one item away, get in the habit of going through your items and putting together a haul of unused stuff. Who knows, someone else may benefit from it.
  4. Buddy System – Pick a friend that is really organized and ask them how they do it! Then you both can benefit from being organized together.
  5. Do it now. – It sounds simple, but doing things right away if possible will really help. By procrastinating, tasks will pile up and then you will feel rushed and stressed.

Enjoy these tips and share!