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SPACES FILLING FAST FOR FALL 2019! CALL US TODAY! 480.237.4919 | Holiday Tips and Tricks!

While this time of year is supposed to be full of joy and excitement, it is often one of the most stressful times of the year. As you are preparing for finals and planning holiday activities, it is important to know how to deal with the stresses of this time of the year. Not only knowing these techniques, but practicing them will help you have a more enjoyable holiday and a fresh start to the New Year!

Follow these tips and trick to your stress free Holidays:

  • They always say communication is key: Communicate with all family member and let them know your plans and preferences in advance. Make sure to listen to their preferences and plans as well.
  • Make certain your plans include your family in some way. Think of some things you have in common with them or things you enjoy doing with them and request to do those things. Include your parents in the planning and scheduling of these activities.
  • Discuss with your parents regarding changes, i.e. curfew. Negotiation may need to occur. (Parents’ house, parent’s rules!)
  • Be prepared for those endless questions from family. How was this semester? What’s your GPA? What’s your major (again)? What are you going to do with that? Have you met any new friends? What clubs have you joined? Why did you choose that one? Why? How?
  • Be completely prepared for the interview.
  • Stressed about exams and final projects due? Make a to-do list in chronological order to minimize stress.
  • Gift exchanges! Enjoy the present and try not to worry about what may be lacking.
  • Stay active and continue to eat a balanced diet.
  • Make time for yourself! Even when hosting guests in your house.
  • Keep tabs on your holiday spending. Make a budget and stick to it, no exceptions!
  • Learn to say no. It’s OK not to do everything.
  • Renew your lease at The Gateway at Tempe! Reduce stress down the road and renew your lease before the holidays!

We hope your Holidays are stress free and have a Happy New Year!